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Be your own boss

Be your own boss

Set your own hours and enjoy the flexibility and freedom of being your own boss as an Independent Ballstad Partner. Let your networking skills and personal recommendations be your number one investment.


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Become a Ballstad affiliate to raise awareness about the benefits of high-quality Ballstad omega-3 and collagen and tell more people about the reliability of the Ballstad brand.

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Focus on what you do best and leave the operation to us. We are also ready to support you with training, promotional materials and sales tips to increase your earnings and success.


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When you apply for the Ballstad Affiliate Program through our Ballstad website, you take the first step. Our team will activate your account and create a link for you. You start earning commissions from the purchases of products from the Ballstad store of the customers you share this link with. You will have access to a great web panel where you can control everything. Easily share your link or coupon code anywhere. Also, when a customer makes a purchase through your link, it is recorded in your web panel. So you can see your interactions through your own account.

Meet Some of our Affiliates

"I was immediately convinced by Ballstad, I could really see a difference with regular use of the collagen powder, as I have hip impingement and was limited by it, but I feel an improvement and go jogging regularly again. I only promote products I truly believe in, and the products offered by Ballstad are fantastic."

Anais Telian (Power Yoga Instructor from Munich)

"I use Ballstad's collagen powder daily to support skin health and flexibility, but also for my hair and nails. And I'm very happy with promoting it to my followers."

Viola Kraus (Digital Creator)

"Ballstad's program is easy to manage and their products are loved by our audience."

Chaleeya Company

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