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Fresh Norwegian Omega-3 Supplement - 3 Months

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Pure and Fresh Omega-3 from Norway

Discover the 100% Norwegian superior grade Fresh Omega-3 Supplement. Our formula features Ballstad Omega-3, delivering twice the minimum EPA and DHA amounts recommended for adults. Each daily serving of this one month supply provides vital fatty acids for a nourishing lifestyle.

1050 mg. dosage with 3 small and easy to swallow capsules gives your body the right amount of EPA (540 mg.) and DHA (390 mg.) recommended by the World Health Organization.

Our formula is in Triglyceride form, odorless without any fish taste and guarranteed fresh.

• Highly concentrated omega-3 of exclusive quality
• Fish oil is subject to strict quality controls
• Fish oil from sustainable fishing (Friend of the Sea)
• Meets your daily need for the essential fatty acids DHA & EPA to achieve health benefits
• Small capsules that are easy to swallow

How to use

You can consume 3 small capsules daily with 1 glass of water. You can get it all at once or separately. You can take it before or during meals, any time of the day. The Ballstad Omega-3 pack contains 93 small capsules. It meets your 1-month need by taking 3 small capsules every day.

Where is Ballstad Omega-3 produced?

The production stages of all our fish oils, from raw materials to packaging, take place in Norway, in the world's best production facilities.

    Fresh Norwegian Omega-3 Supplement - 3 Months
    Fresh Norwegian Omega-3 Supplement - 3 Months
    Ballstad Premium Omega-3 Supplement - Ballstad Norge
    Ballstad Premium Omega-3 Supplement - Ballstad Norge
    Ballstad Premium Omega-3 Supplement - Ballstad Norge
    Ballstad Premium Omega-3 Supplement - Ballstad Norge
    Ballstad Premium Omega-3 Supplement - Ballstad Norge
    Ballstad Premium Omega-3 Supplement - Ballstad Norge
    Ballstad Premium Omega-3 Supplement - Ballstad Norge
    Ballstad Premium Omega-3 Supplement - Ballstad Norge
    Fresh Norwegian Omega-3 Supplement - 3 Months

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    • Rich EPA and DHA content

      Three capsules of Ballstad Omega-3 daily are rich in EPA (540 mg) and DHA (390 mg) and contain a total of 1050 mg of omega-3.

    • Subject to Norway's highest quality standards*

      Our customers who prefer Ballstad know that Ballstad products are 100% Norwegian and produced in accordance with Norwegian Food Safety Standards and inspections. (*Quality standards are set by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.)

    • No additives

      Ballstad's Premium Fish Oil capsules are free of sugar, gluten, sweeteners, coloring and trans fats. Fish obtained from natural sustainable fishing areas are used.

    • Freshness guaranteed

      Our oxidation limits, indicative of the freshness of the oil, are less than half the amount set in one of the highest standards, the GOED Monograph. It is stored in high air and UV barrier and locked packaging. All of our products are stored in air-conditioned special warehouses.

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    • Why Should We Use Omega-3?

      Our modern lifestyle and eating habits are constantly changing. Fish is the most important source of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, but many people do not eat fish regularly or in sufficient quantities. In this case, omega-3 supplements are a good solution to supplement the body's need.

    • What is the Ballstad Omega-3 usage recommendation?

      At any time of the day, preferably on a full stomach, you can take 3 capsules separately or take 3 consecutive capsules with water.

    • What is the reason for the recommendation to use 3 capsules per day for Ballstad Omega-3?

      Ballstad capsules are designed as 3 small capsules for ease of swallowing. When you take 3 small capsules daily, it provides an intake of 540 mg of EPA and 390 mg of DHA, including 1050 mg of total omega-3.

    • What makes Ballstad Omega-3 fatty acids special?

      Ballstad doesn't just talk about quality, it guarantees quality. From the raw materials we use to product development and production standards, our focus is on quality. The raw materials used in the production of ballstad are free from environmental and oxidative pollution. Ballstad only uses fish from certified sustainable fishing areas and is certified "Friend of the Sea".

    • Where are omega-3 capsules manufactured?

      All production stages of Ballstad Omega-3, from production to packaging, take place in Norway in the world's best production facilities. In order to preserve freshness, Ballstad Omega-3 is prevented from contacting with oxygen by using nitrogen during the whole production process and packaging.

    Ballstad Premium Omega-3 Supplement - Ballstad Norge
    Ballstad Premium Omega-3 Supplement - Ballstad Norge

    • About Ballstad with Odd Roar Olsen

    We spoke with Odd Roar Olsen, the founder of Ballstad, about Ballstad. You can also leave your curiosity and questions in the comments. Odd Roar Olsen; He was born and raised in a small fishing village called Ballstad in northern Norway. This village is located on a small island that is included in the island team Lofoten, 200 km above the arctic circle, and with a population of about 1000 people, it has been fishing as its main lifestyle for thousands of years and has been making its income from here. He had to work for everything and deserve it.

    Thanks to this upbringing, the belief that only hard work and perseverance brings good results in life was formed. It was a beautiful yet challenging experience. However, after working for a while and being outside Norway, he realized that his body and mind were not functioning at their best. While investigating the cause, he realized that his diet at the time did not contain enough fish and omega-3s. Growing up with omega-3s as part of her lifestyle, it was just as normal to use olive oil in Mediterranean countries. The lack of omega-3 in my diet was affecting performance.

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    What does our costumers think

    Now I have the rhythm of life I want.

    I have been using Ballstad for about 2 years. My dietitian suggested that I use omega-3 and as a result of my research I decided to use Ballstad. The product has no smell at all. It does not leave a bad taste in the mouth, and although I am a person who has frequent digestive problems, I have never had any problems. Even in the morning, I wake up tired from bed, now I have the rhythm of life I want. I would recommend it to everyone.


    That it is available in small capsules, and provides ease of swallowing is important.

    As a 64-year-old woman with an active business life; After determining that Ballstad has high values based on my detailed research, I shifted my choice of omega-3 supplements, which I have been using for many years, to Ballstad. The fact that it is offered in small capsules also brings ease of swallowing, while the fact that the product is presented to the consumer in an elegant package, considering many fine details, also increases the confidence in the product. I would like to state that I have recommended it to many of my friends and that they are also pleased with their decision to use it.

    Sema (64)

    Looking forward to positive changes.

    I just started using Ballstad omega 3 fish oil, I feel like a Norwegian at the level I want in terms of fitness. I plan to use it for a long time, I look forward to positive changes, thank you Ballstad family.

    Ozan (27)

    It really met all my expectations.

    As I work as a freelancer, the work I have to deliver mostly hangs over night hours. I had a lot of trouble with long-term focus and sleep. Taking this supplement that my body needed really met all my expectations. I would recommend it to everyone.

    Uras (26)

    Ballstad had what I was looking for most in a product: quality and reliability!

    I work at TRT. Besides publishing, which is a stressful and demanding job, I also continue to pursue an academic career. Ballstad is a product I have been using since 2019. Before I discovered Ballstad, I tried dozens of brands and herbalists by looking at their EPA and DHA ratios. When I started using Ballstad, I realized that none of them actually worked for me. Then I decided to buy it for my whole family because Ballstad had what I was looking for most in a product: quality and trust! Due to travels, I changed addresses very often and of course, there were times that the products were delayed to reach me and went to different addresses. Ballstad officials solved these problems without tiring me. Ballstad was the best company I have ever seen in terms of customer relations. Their products are of very high quality, customer service is in favor of solving the problem rather than magnifying it, they contact us immediately when a new product arrives or when there is a discount. When I think of Ballstad, Bosch's motto "I'd rather lose money than trust" comes to mind. Thank you.


    We have never stopped using Ballstad before and during the pandemic.

    We started using Ballstad together with our elders and children in 2019. We are a family that does sports throughout the year and is busy during the day. We sometimes miss our meals at this pace, but we never stopped using Ballstad before and during the pandemic. During this difficult period, we used Ballstad without fail and it met our expectations. Thank you Ballstad.

    Hasan (34)

    I could not find any other product that precedes the Ballstad brand.

    When I faced health problems as well as a busy working life, I created a sports and yoga routine that I have been continuing for a long time. I turned to supplements to achieve the quality of life I wanted. I have tried various brands of omega-3 products. I have been using Ballstad for 2 years. When I evaluated it in terms of product quality, place of production and the effects I expected on my body, I could not find any other product that surpassed the Ballstad brand. It is a product and service that I am absolutely satisfied with and will continue to use when I think of customer service support when I have problems with packaging, service and shipping companies.

    Halime (32)

    Ballstad offers us real Norwegian quality..

    I have been using Ballstad regularly for 3 years. Besides having a busy work life, I don't get as much support for my daily routine as I do in the metropolitan life because I live in a small town. That's why I have a very active tempo. I have to conserve my energy for this. Ballstad offers us real Norwegian quality. In addition, factors such as the odorless and tasteless capsules are very important to me. Since the capsules are small, I can easily swallow them. Now I can say that I got the life I wanted. Thank you Ballstad.

    Melis (35)