About Odd Roar Olsen

I am Odd Roar Olsen, born and raised in Ballstad, a small fishing village in Northern Norway. On this small island within the Lofoten Islands, 200 kilometers above the arctic circle, Ballstad, a home of about 1000 people, has been the center of fishing activities and the livelihood of the people for thousands of years.

While living in Istanbul, the lack of access to fresh omega-3s became even more important as my wife was expecting our first child. Of course, I wanted to provide the best for the health and well-being of my wife and child. This personal experience further highlighted the need for a reliable and high-quality omega-3 supplement that can meet the specific nutritional needs of pregnancy and beyond. For several years I have personally brought omega-3 supplements from Norway, to meet our family's needs. As a result of my research and training in the omega-3 industry, I have realized that there is a huge demand for a product that can meet our needs - fresh and concentrated Norwegian omega-3 delivered right to your door!

"Good Enough" was definitely not enough for my children. I wanted the best and the freshest.

I found that industry standards lagged far behind the standards I wanted to provide for my family. There was what seemed like a race in the omega-3 industry, a race where cost was prioritized. That's why we had to double to quadruple industry standards to reach the standards that I was used to and grew up with at Ballstad.

Each Ballstad capsule had to be custom made just for us. This way, I could have full control over the entire quality control process, from fish oil production to the final packaged product. When you choose Ballstad, I guarantee you will experience the unique and exceptional

Ballstad quality every time. Our fish oils are meticulously produced in one of the best production facilities in the world, in the western region of Norway. With the latest technology and expertise, we manufacture our supplements to the highest standards of quality, purity and freshness.

This awareness led to the birth of Ballstad. We have come together as a team with decades of experience in the manufacture and distribution of omega-3 supplements. As Ballstad, our aim was to modernize the production chain from the fishing stage to the final product without sacrificing quality, purity and freshness.

Ballstad Omega-3 Production