Large investment in new Omega-3 oil production facility in Ballstad

Large investment in new Omega-3 oil production facility in Ballstad

New cod live oil production facility in Ballstad: Rolf Jentoft is 68 years and fifth generation who lives in the Lofoten Sea. The Jentoft family came to Lofoten in 1862. They soon became a dominant fishing village family in Ballstad and throughout Lofoten. They were big on fresh fish, salted fish, frozen fish, dried fish and cod liver oil.

The first omega 3 oil company was established on Ballstad in 1972

In June 2016 we decided to upgrade the cod live oil production facility, says Mr. Jentoft. We threw out all that old and built new. In the past, we manually had to turn valves on and had to wear protection gear. There was a lot of manual labor involved. Now the entire process is controlled by computers in a completely closed facility. It is a more gentle production - which provides a much better product.

Upgrading of such a plant requires an investment of many millions.

The requirements for quality are very high. Cod liver oil from Ballstad becomes noble drops on green bottles.

As an example throughout the year, tanker trucks run from Ballstad to Peter Møller in Oslo. There will be tears refined and bottled.

Peter Møller is one of Norway's oldest brands, founded by pharmacist Peter Möller in 1854. 

 It was the British who started steaming cod liver oil in Ballstad. And it was not just for the sake of health. It was also for the sake of light. Before the electricity and incandescent lamps were invented, it was cod liver oil lamps that were providing light around the world. A by-product of cod liver is stearin which is the main ingredients in candlelight.

It was Mr. Jentoft's great great grandfather who took over steaming cod liver oil in Ballstad after the British. For Mr. Jentoft, it was quite natural to follow in the family footsteps.

Cod liver oil is about people's health. Therefore, it must be quality in every aspect, "says Mr. Jentoft.



In 1854 Peter Møller's steam method revolutionized the cod liver oil industry. The cod liver oil was heated by direct steam in the pan for approx. 70 ° C for 20 minutes, and got then a golden yellow medicine cod liver oil with a fresh liver flavor.